SimCity 2000 is a simulation and city-building personal PC (computer) game, released in 1993.


Simcity 2000 is back and it marked a major shift in gameplay from the original SimCity, the basic structure set forth in this seminal version has defined subsequent releases.

The old overhead view was replaced with an isometric view. Land could be different elevations, and an underground view was added for the laying of pipes and subways. Also, an abandoned building would have a different graphic.

Many new tools were given to players. New buildings such as schools, prisons, marinas, and arcologies were added. More variety in transit was included, such as subways, bus depots, and highways. Airports and seaports had to be zoned rather than simply built. Also, seven new power plants were added.

Finances were more elaborate as well. Players were given the ability to set taxes separately for residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Players could enact city ordinances and make connections with neighboring towns.

Also new was the Query tool. By using the Query tool on a building, players could find out more about it.

The newspaper was another new feature in SimCity 2000. Much of the news was humorous nonsense, but the paper would feature relevant news after important events such as disasters or the discovery of a new energy source. The opinion polls were also useful for finding out what a city's sims want done.


Disasters made their return in SimCity 2000. Several of the old ones were removed and new ones were added. As before, they could happen randomly or be triggered purposely. A new feature was the option not to have disasters.


Scenarios also returned in SimCity 2000. As before some were added and others were taken away. Scenarios proved to be popular enough to warrant the creation of SimCity 2000 Scenarios Volume 1: Great Disasters, a disk with new scenarios. The following are the scenarios:


  • Acorn Archimedes - Released in 1995.
  • Amiga - Released in 1994.
  • Mac OS - Released in 1993.
  • MS-DOS - Released in 1993.
  • Pocket PC - Released in 1999.
  • Saturn - Released in 1995.
  • Windows - Released in 1995.
  • PlayStation - Released in 1996