SimCity is a game released in March 2014. It involves building a fantasy city in a remote island somewhere on the planet. It is made by NanoControl.


SimCity is back as a 3-dimensional city creation game available for NanoXP and the 3DS. It features many features from past games such as SimCity 2013 and SimCity Creator. The game has got over 2000 buildings available throughout the game such as five upgrades of a single police station. It also maintains the idea of disasters, such as the return of bombing now known as terrorist attack. However the name is kept bombing in the U.S., the United Kingdom and Japan to keep the government happy.

Also introduced was the new driving mode. Since the release of the drive-it mode in SimCity 4 it has never been re-showcased, however it now appears again in SimCity and much better as you can now drive underground trains as well as elevated rails and new transport as well.

Natural DisastersEdit

With the exception of fire.

  • Tsunami

A incredibly large wave that can only happen in cities located by the sea. Can set of a tidal surge. Causes floods and can destroy huge expanses of land.

  • Tidal Surge

A large wave caused by a tsunami very far out at sea. Will go through rivers, canals and occasionally pipes depending on the force of it. Does not do much damage but can flood low lying cities.

  • Tornado

Powerful winds. Happen majorly in high up places and places with less water. Can be up to 200 metres wide at the diameter.

  • Hurricane

Will happen in hot tropics. Will cause floods and afterwards drought.

  • Floods

The result of a tsunamis, hurricanes and storms.

  • Meteorite

A huge ball of rock from space comes tumbling down towards your town. Can possibly lead to radiation, fire and sandstorms if it lands in a desert or scrubland

  • Earthquake

A tumour between two plates happens and causes the ground to shake. Causes tsunamis.

  • Sandstorm

The result of a Tornado or meteorite.


  • Nuclear Meltdown

When a nuclear power plant breaks down there will be a nuclear meltdown and will cause a large amount of radiation.

  • Riot

A riot occurs when a neighbourhood of some part of your city does not agree with your decision and will cause fires etc.


  • Robot Attack
  • UFO
  • Zombie Attack

Building SetsEdit


  • Parks
  • Landscaping
  • Water


  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Protected


  • Police
  • Hospital
  • Fire Services

Education & MayoralEdit

  • Educational
  • Landmarks
  • Mayor Buildings
  • Research Buildings